It seems appropriate on Valentine’s Day to take up the subject of hunting with spouses and significant others. These are my friends MD and Julie Johnson, who are husband and wife as well as hunting partners. MD proposed to Julie during an early-season goose hunt. At Julie’s suggestion, they honeymooned by going fishing in Alaska. This picture was taken in the Black Hills during a trip they made to collect the Grand Slam together.


The picture reminds me that several years ago I shared a duck boat on the Minnesota opener with husband and wife Fred and Diane. I remarked to Fred how lucky he was to hunt with his wife.

“Most guys around here don’t want their wives hunting with them,” he said. “If she asks to go, they take her on the coldest day of the season so she never wants to go again. I made the mistake of taking Diane on a nice day. Now hunting costs twice as much because I have to buy two of everything.”

He was kidding – I think. Anyway, who here hunts with a spouse, a boyfriend or girlfriend? Is it really all smiles and dead turkeys in the snow or is there another side to it as well?