Do you like “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Famous?” If you answered yes, then you’ll dig this video, although I’d label it more “Lifestyles Of The Rich & Intimidating To Everyone Along On Your Outdoor Adventure.” First we see Russian President Vladimir Putin catch a big pike from what is either a dock or homemade wooden barge. After he crushes its gills and kisses it awkwardly, we move to random snippets of snow leopards on trail cams, the petting of caribou, and a beautifully set dinner table (it’s all kinda Kubrick). Thing is, it appears no one really speaks to the Prez. Even in moments of excitement, there’s not that much excitement. C’mon Putin staff….someone cut his line mid-spool and rewind it so his lure flies off on the cast or toss a live shiner in his satin sleeping bag. Let’s have some laughs.