I am not a gamer, nor have I ever been. I’d actually say I owe my love of fishing to the fact that even when I was little I could take or leave video games. This makes the story in the video ironic. Apparently, New Zealand is getting the first XBox One, but it won’t be released until later this week. In a publicity stunt, XBox has sunken game console numero uno in a watertight box on the bottom of an aquarium shark tank. Gamers will have a pretty hard time finding cheat codes that beat live sharks. Likewise, even attempting to heist the XBox would require getting off the couch. But for an angler? Totally do-able. Give me five guys with Penn 130 outfits, a fresh false albacore, and a few tail ropes, and we’d clear them out just long enough for someone to swim down and grab the goods. Then we could sell it and buy more fishing gear.