When you’re trying to get out on Lake Erie for walleyes in early April, you can set dates months in advance. The reality, however, is that they don’t mean much considering how unpredictable the water and weather conditions can be this time of year. Case in point, friend and guide Ross Robertson and I were on pins and needles for a week prior to this trip, unsure if the ice would even be gone in time to launch his boat in Port Clinton, Ohio. Well, it was gone, and some how, some way, the weather gods threw us a bone. We had a window, and we filled that precious window with more trophy walleyes than most guys will see in their lifetime. It was just one of those days where each fish–which ranged from 9 to 14 pounds–made our jaws drop. Enjoy the show, because I very well may never shoot another walleye episode of such epic proportions again.