Of all the states in the Great Plains region, it seems like Kansas has been the first to blow up this year. After Monday’s post about Jerick Henley’s Chain Ranch buck, I received a few more reports from other hunters in the Sunflower State. All said about the same thing–get ready.


Just check out this e-mail and the attached photo from Nathan Oehlert, who hunts in south-central Kansas: “It’s on in Kansas for sure. I have seen several big mature bucks hardcore chasing does. …they were in the stage of not caring who is watching them and going step for step with the does, trying to cut them off. My dad [Doug Oehlert] and brother [Jeremy Oehlert] both killed good bucks on the evening of the November 2. They were about 60 miles apart but my brother sent my dad a text after he shot his and told him “I just killed a buck” and my dad’s reply was “Awesome, so did I”. So I am thinking they had to have shot them nearly at the same time or within minutes of each other which, is pretty cool.”

It’s pretty amazing that a father and son could kill two trophy bucks within minutes of each other, but that’s the nature of the rut. When it is hot, bucks are on the move and anything could happen.