Across much of the Great Plains region lockdown seems to be lingering, although from the sounds of it, buck activity has steadily increased over the past several days. While much of the country is suffering from winter storms and unstable weather, here in the central U.S. a stable weather pattern has formed, raising daytime temperatures into the 40s and 50s. This after a weekend that saw freezing temperatures put overnight deer activity on ice.

In Kansas, the Frazell brothers – Clete and Curt – both spent the weekend in deer stands and both reported near identical activity.

“In my area the big boys seem to be on lock down waiting for that last burst of rutting to kick in,” said Curt. “Out of around thirty deer last weekend, [I saw] eight does and fawns and at least 20 small bucks, biggest being a 140-inch three-year-old nine point.”

“I think we are just coming off of the lockdown,” said Clete. “Some big bucks should be on the move this week as most of the does have been bred and they are searching.”

Further north, in the upper corner of the Nebraska Panhandle, Hips Target (LINK: pro staffer Casey Danielson reported the though rut was “on like Donkey Kong” there, the bucks didn’t cooperate. “They just vanished,” said Danielson. After my Missouri hunt last week, I know that feeling well.