Oct. 7: My friend Bryan checked in earlier this week with a preliminary report from his neck of the woods in eastern Kansas. He is among the most hardcore hunters I know and has his figurative finger on the pulse of what’s going on in the deer woods at all times. I mean, who else do you know who flies a powered parachute to scout deer?

Bryan was in the air Monday night and said the early corn harvest has pushed a lot of deer back into the woods. Does are bunched up in groups of typically two does with yearlings. Most have a few bucks hanging close by as well. He also reports the last of the bachelor groups are just now breaking up. Draper: Special Kansas Report
With his report, Bryan sent this photo he captured on a trail cam this past summer. The bruiser buck hasn’t been seen since, but Bryan’s confident he’s still around and plans on hunting hard for him this season. If the buck doesn’t show himself, Bryan has a few other good bucks he’s been watching, including a big 170-class 11-point he’s nicknamed Crook. He can afford to be picky, though, having shot a great 204 non-typical on Halloween of last year.