I probably shouldn’t say this out loud, but someone has to speak the truth: don’t believe everything you read, particularly when it comes to deer hunting. Instead, let the deer dictate your hunting plans. Case in point: the deer in this photo. As you can see, the pic was snapped at 8:40 a.m. on Sunday, more than a full hour after sunrise where the buck lives in southeastern Kansas. This was just a day after Friday night’s full moon. Conventional wisdom says a buck of this caliber (and don’t let the photo fool you, he’s a nice non-typical) shouldn’t be on his feet after daylight during a full moon phase. Oh and one other tidbit, my anonymous source that sent this in has a picture of this exact same buck snapped an hour and a half earlier more than a mile away. So not only is he still up at 9 a.m., he’s out cruising on October 20th.

This particular buck wasn’t an anomaly as several of my contacts mentioned seeing bucks out during daylight late last week and over the weekend. I can only speculate on why this is – increased hunter pressure, harvest, surging hormones, but only the deer know why they do what they do. My advice would be to get your honey-do list done and keep the boss happy for the next few weeks as things are fixing to break out all over. While I have a few specific days that I think are ideal, success really comes down to spending as much time on stand as the rut approaches.