Nebraskan Robert Adair has been on a roll this month. Adair hunts in the state’s southern Panhandle, where he not only tagged this nice whitetail buck with his bow on November 14, but also guided two grandsons to their first-ever bucks.


Grandpa Robert spent the holiday weekend hunting with grandson Logan Pickard. Adair reports activity was slow Saturday, but he went on the offensive to get Logan his buck.

“Over the holiday I sat in a treestand with my 13-year-old grandson,” said Adair. “On the 24th, the only buck we saw was a little guy that was very quick to come into a call and a decoy. [Logan] made a good shot and was able to harvest his first buck with his first bow kill.” That’s Logan here, posing with his buck and with Grandpa.

Just two weeks earlier, Logan’s 11-year-old cousin Triston Pickard also bagged his first buck — this nice Nebraska mule deer — on the opening day of rifle season. Hats off to Robert for taking the time to get the next generation of hunters started on the right foot. Adair credits Nebraska’s Game and Park’s Commission for making it possible.


“The Nebraska youth hunt program is pretty cool,” said Adair. “Most states don’t allow kids to hunt at ages 13 and under, but here non-resident youth can hunt for six bucks and a conservation stamp.”

As for deer activity, Robert’s report confirms what other hunters are experiencing this year in areas affected by EHD.

“I have not seen near as many deer this year, but what I have seen are bucks traveling more from other areas,” Adair reported via e-mail. “Some of the bucks I have seen in my area I spotted more than a mile or so away while scouting earlier. Maybe because of the lack of does due to EHD they are traveling more? Just a theory.”