This beautiful eight point showed up on my Facebook feed last week and I tracked down the hunter–Jerick Henley, to get the details. Henley is also a guide on the Chain Ranch in both Oklahoma and Kansas, where he tagged the buck.


Here’s his story: “I’ve got a two month history with this deer, capturing him in velvet on trail cameras in late August for the first time. I hunted him twice in late September when he was still in his summer feeding pattern and running with two younger and smaller bucks. He never presented a good shot during those two sits.

Trail cameras still showed him as being very patternable, even in mid-October, although by the 22nd he had left his two buddies and had sustained an injury to his left front ankle, which was swollen to the size of a softball. That morning a young 13-point came by the stand early. He was showing lots of rut signs, making scrapes and actually grunting at two nearby does.

As I watched the younger, aggressive deer leave the area, this buck showed out of nowhere. He was showing no rutting signs, simply moving from feed to bedding and nursing his wound. I shot him at 8 yards. The shot was high because the angle was steep. The arrow buried in the opposite shoulder and the deer went about 75 yards before he piled up. He’s a main frame 8-point with eight additional kickers or sixteen points total. As a mainframe eight, he won’t score real high (missing G4s hurts him), but the additional kickers and mass get him to the mid-160s. Although we’ve been through a three year drought, this buck weighed 210 pounds before we dressed him and aside from the ankle appeared in extremely good health. His tarsal glands were just starting to get color and scent to them.”