As of last week, true lock down was still days away, at least in south Kansas where one of Jerick Henley’s Chain Ranch clients tagged this nice buck. Henley reports the buck came charging into a grunt call about 30 minutes prior to the end of shooting light on the last day of his client’s hunt.


“Mike hunted six hard days and passed a bunch of quality deer but it all paid off when this great Kansas buck stepped out at last light on the last evening of Mike’s hunt,” said Henley. “I had been watching the deer almost a half mile away from where Mike was hunting and figured there was no way the deer would make it to him before time ran out. But the deer was on a mission looking for a hot doe and he covered the half mile in a few minutes, giving Mike the last chance opportunity. He made a 20-yard shot with his Mathews and the deer traveled less than 15 yards. Even with a broken main beam and some missing stickers the deer grossed 158.”

“The same day Mike killed this buck, we rattled in two bucks on two separate occasions,” said Henley. “Their interest in the horns made me believe that we’re still in the seeking/chasing phases. We did witness four bucks dogging a doe hard on Friday. She may have come in early and stirred the whole area. The cold weather coming this week should add fuel to the fire.”