I only had about an hour to hunt Friday afternoon, but at this time of year, an hour can be plenty of time. I snuck into a stand hanging over a winter wheat food plot and, within 20 minutes, I was watching a field full of deer. A spike chased a doe several laps around the field edge, up into the timber, and back again. The commotion attracted the sound of this nice 8-pointer. The buck stepped into the field, worked a scrape, and then took the spike’s place in chasing the doe.

As fun as this time of year is to hunt, it can be maddening for a bowhunter to see a nice buck, but not be able get a shot. Shooting light was fading fast when the doe finally led the buck across one of my open lanes 30 yards away. I hit him with a loud, aggressive voice bleat, and he stopped just as I drew my bow. I had to shoot fast. Fortunately, the arrow hit the right spot, and we found the buck piled up just off the edge of the field. I am a happy hunter to say the least.