Oct. 10: “It’s gotta be true. I read it on the Internet.” Honestly, I don’t remember if that’s a quote from a movie, from something I read, or just something one of my buddies said, but it’s one of my favorites to repeat, especially when it comes to gleaning information from online hunting talk forums. From these places, I can glean a wealth of information on a variety of subjects: politics, religion, more politics, local news, guns, and of course, hunting.

I keep tabs on several of these forums, but only post on one from time to time, a local Kentucky hunting forum with a fair-sized following. Once I wade through the daily political banter and a few dirty jokes, it’s a great place to find pictures of successful hunters and conversations about literally all kinds of hunting.

The deer hunting forum is always one of the most active, and one recent thread there caught my eye the other day. A forum member was asking other members when they were planning their vacation days for this year’s deer season.

Virtually every reply mentioned the last week in October and the first week in November–the two weeks prior to Kentucky’s modern gun season. Based on my experiences in the stand, those are the two weeks I’d pick, too. Over the years, I’ve seen more buck activity during those 14 days than at any other time of the season (excluding maybe the opening week in September, when velvet-clad bachelor groups are at their most predictable). After those two weeks, it seems, the deer fall into a fairly predictable “lock down” as the peak of breeding coincides with the peak of gun-hunting pressure.

Things are different when you get much farther south in my rut-reporting area, especially in southwest Tennessee, where the rut timing can be a month later. But, since we have time to speculate, I’m going to predict that the two weeks mentioned–the last one in October and the first one in November–will be again be among the best of the season for buck activity in Kentucky. Time will tell.