Brantley: Rut Winding Down

Rut Reporter Will Brantley of Murray, Kentucky, knows the region well. He spends 40 to 50 days each season in the Mid-South whitetail woods. Brantley shot his first deer at age 10 with a sidelock muzzleloader. States covered: KY, TN, WV, VA, NC.
Dec. 3:** The rut seems to be about over in much of the Mid-South. Activity has been on the decline since mid-November where I hunt in Kentucky, and reports I'm getting from other states in the region are similar. There is still some localized activity in a few places, including southwest Tennessee.

Tennessee hunter and outdoor writer Taylor Wilson says, "As is typical, most of the all-out chasing seemed to be happening the week of Thanksgiving in much of west Tennessee, especially southwest Tennessee. But, it hasn't been a normal year. Personally, although I've seen big numbers of deer, I've seen fewer scrapes, rubs and actual chasing this year than ever before--and I've heard more than one other hunter, guys who are in the woods a whole lot, mention this as well."

Wilson did pass along this photo of Hunter Campbell, a hunter from Haywood County, Tenn., which is about 70 miles from Memphis. The buck was taken a couple weeks ago, and reportedly green-scores in the 160s.

No doubt some late trickle rut activity will continue well into the month of December, and some late-season hunters will probably see some pronounced "secondary rut" action. But from what I've seen and heard, the best seems to be behind us. If you live in the Mid-South, tell us what you're seeing these days.