Rut Reporter Will Brantley of Murray, Kentucky, knows the region well. He spends 40 to 50 days each season in the Mid-South whitetail woods. Brantley shot his first deer at age 10 with a sidelock muzzleloader. States covered: KY, TN, WV, VA, NC.

Oct. 22: Although scattered rubs and scrapes always appear in late September in this area, there are usually a memorable few days each year when things really seem to “pop,” and rubs and scrapes suddenly appear everywhere. Last weekend was a prime example in Kentucky.


I walked through a perfect funnel, one I’ve been hunting since I was 10 years old, that bisects a creek bottom/staging area on the edge of a food plot. I counted seven scrapes in a 50-yard stretch, and half again as many rubs. This wasn’t surprising as rubs and scrapes are always numerous in that spot this time of year, but it’s still nice to see. I hung a trail camera in the area after finding the sign, and the likely culprit, in addition to a few curious does, appeared the first night.


I did hunt near that scrape line over the weekend, but only saw a few does and small bucks in the area during the day. That camera has been in the same place undisturbed for the past week–I’m anxious to pull the card tomorrow afternoon and see if anything larger has stopped in for a look.