Overall activity status: Activity is still somewhat slow. The recent full moon increased nighttime activity, and most movement during daylight remains at dawn and dusk. Josh Brown of South Carolina reports that deer have changed patterns already and movement has been not good. “Opening weekend in South Carolina had a few good bucks killed,” he said. “Florida opens this weekend and in the next couple weeks it should fire up in northeast Florida. I went and helped a buddy hang a stand last weekend, and there were no rubs or scrapes yet, but with the recent full moon that should change,” said Josh.

Fighting: No fighting reported yet, but bucks that have recently shed velvet shed will begin light sparring soon.

Rub making: Territorial rubbing should be occurring in most areas now, but as Brown observed, they’re not seeing any rubs yet.

Scrape making: Nothing to report.

Chasing: Chasing is occurring only in northeast Florida, where their rut is close.

Daytime movement: It is still hot throughout the South, so most movement will remain at dawn and dusk.

Estrous signs: None yet.

X-Factor: With the rut still being many weeks away, deer are keying on food sources and you should too. Look for muscadines, persimmons, and early-dropping acorns.