Quite a few Kentucky hunters took advantage of last week’s cool snap. Mark Williams, who works as a land agent for Whitetail Properties, shot this 145-inch 8-pointer near where I grew up in St. Charles, Kentucky. Williams had been seeing the buck while glassing bean fields all summer, and playing the cat-and-mouse game with him since the season opened on the 7th.


“On Wednesday, the 11th, it was 91 degrees, but the front moved through and dropped the temperature 10 to 12 degrees within a couple hours. I’d had him at 19 yards the day before, but it was just too dark to make the shot,” Williams said. “He was coming out with a bachelor group in a dead corner of the bean field, and I thought if we could just get a break in the weather, we’d get a chance at him with more shooting light.”
As he’d hoped, deer were on their feet much earlier after the front. “The bachelor parade came strolling out at 10 minutes till 7,” Williams said, “and the buck I wanted was leading the way!” The buck stopped for an easy 20-yard shot, and Williams made good on it. The big 8 ran about 100 yards before crashing.

Although time is running out to peg a bachelor group like this, the opportunity is still there, especially where green soybeans stand, and even doubly so following a good cold front like that. With another front coming through this week and some new Mid-South bow openers just around the corner (Tennessee hunters take to the woods Sept. 28), there should be some more early season success stories like this coming down the pipeline.