Two weeks ago, I commented on how slow the deer movement was during the last week in November and the first week in December. That’s changing now. Deer are on the move again here in the South, and hunters should take advantage of the current uptick in activity.

Overall Activity Status: Mature bucks are still mostly moving under cover of darkness, but overall activity is definitely increasing. It’s obvious bucks are cruising again, even if they’re being cautious in their movements.

Fighting: No sightings or reports of fighting.

Rub Making: There’s a pile of fresh rubs in the woods right now.

Scraping: New scrapes are opening up, while old ones are being tended once again. It’s further proof most of the does have been bred and bucks are searching for the last few receptive ladies.

Chasing: Very little chasing being reported.

Estrus Signs: Nothing much. Does are assembling into winter family groups. I’m not seeing lone does or does being courted by bucks.

X-Factor: Find the remaining mast. The crop wasn’t great in some parts of the South, but there some pockets of acorns remaining. Find them and camp out, as menu options are becoming fewer by the day in the deer woods. You might catch a buck on his way to gorge or seeking one last doe to breed.