doe and fawns

It hurts to get rained out this time of year. Historically, the last few days of October have been good to me, as that’s typically when I start seeing bucks seriously cruising for does here in western Kentucky. As Bestul has pointed out recently, this is also a great time of year to catch a big buck on trail camera one evening and get a shot at him in the same area the very next evening. Some mature deer begin moving in daylight hours in late October, but rather than roam far and wide in search of hot does, they’re still spending most of their time in their core areas. In some ways, it’s easier to kill one of them right now with a bow than it will be in a few weeks, when the frenzy of the chase phase has bucks running all over Who Knows Where.

But you have to go hunting to be successful, and the rain has been heavy enough over the past few days to keep me out of the woods. In years past, I’ve enjoyed some good hunts—and killed a couple nice bucks—on drizzly evenings, but as I type this, it’s coming down in sheets outside. Atop that, temperatures have been in the 70s. Deer just haven’t been moving very much.

Still, there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic. We need the rain, for one. And by the end of the week, it’s forecast to clear up and cool off. When that happens, I expect the deer to move like crazy. The timing couldn’t be much better. And I have several trail cameras I need to check …