So my favorite spring turkey hunting topic lately has been bowhunting without a blind over hyper-realistic decoys. When it works, it’s an experience unlike anything else in the spring woods. In an age of “get-in-a-ground-blind” setups, it’s amazingly effective, too.

Maybe you need proof. Or maybe you just want to watch a bad-ass turkey hunt. Either way, check out this video of my wife, Michelle. I filmed it last Sunday (April 5) while we were hunting in western Nebraska with my pal Cally Morris; his wife, Annetta; and our guide, Justin Simmons, owner of Spring Meadows outfitters.

Our setup was crawling with turkeys during our early-morning hunt, but we managed not to kill one. At mid-morning, we made a move, eventually settling into a cottonwood creek bottom that abutted a sprawling cattle pasture. Michelle sat with her left shoulder against a big tangle of brush and three of Cally’s taxidermied decoys just six yards from her boots. Cally was filming over her shoulder, and I was sitting maybe 20 yards to her right, where I could see the whole spread. We knew turkeys were in the area, so we spent about an hour doing some aggressive blind-calling. This gobbler snuck in without making a sound and blew up into full strut between Michelle and the decoys. That put him at about 4 yards away. After that … well, you’ll just have to watch the video.


Nebraska Turkey