Whitetail Hunting photo

In the market for some new hunting ground in a nice climate? Rivers Run—that’s the farm belonging to Will and Mary Primos—is for sale. The price is non-disclosed, but the property is 2,863.4 acres, and tillable ground in the Mississippi Delta is running around $3,000 per acre on the low end right now. Rivers Run includes a seven-bedroom lodge overlooking an 11-acre stocked lake, a property manager’s residence, 40 acres of food plots, and 18 duck holes.

I’ve done the math. Even a conservative estimate puts it out of the outdoor writer price range.

But that doesn’t mean a wildlife management nut like me can’t admire it and dream. For one, it’s located in the Mississippi Delta. This country is not only the home of some good music and fine barbeque, but some truly outstanding wildlife management practices. I don’t know of any state agency that’s more proactive at increasing the quality of hunting and fishing opportunities than the Mississippi Department of Wildlife, Fisheries and Parks. Delta Mississippi is the best place in the Deep South for killing a big buck—and a sleeper spot on the national big-buck radar. Several gross-scoring Booner bucks have been killed on this farm alone. Of course, millions of waterfowl winter in this region as well.

Ample critters aside, there’s the Will Primos thing. If he’s owned the place for the past decade, you can rest assured that nothing has been done half-assed. Outdoor TV stars are low-hanging fruit for hunters to bash and badmouth on the Internet. I don’t know that I’ve heard anyone speak ill of Primos. He is known as a perfectionist and a tough businessman. You can’t build and sell a company like Primos Hunting without those traits. When I’ve met him and interviewed him on the phone, he’s been cordial, articulate, and no-nonsense.

He’s also a true conservationist; a huge supporter of organizations like Ducks Unlimited, the Quality Deer Management Association, and the National Wild Turkey Federation. He’s been a leading voice in the national conversation on the state of whitetail deer hunting, and he has been recognized numerous times for his conservation achievements. Rivers Run is under a permanent conservation easement with DU. After buying the property, Primos converted 1,400 acres of row crop ground back to natural habitat. If you’re a hunter, how can you not admire a guy like that?

Whitetail Properties is the brokerage representing Rivers Run. Interestingly, Brad Farris—a longtime personality on Primos hunting videos—now works for Whitetail Properties and is the land agent in charge. You can contact him and learn more about the property by viewing the listing here.