As the Nov. 4 national election day moves closer, the number of politicians against the restoration of Clean Water Act powers so important to fish and wildlife seems to be growing. Either that, or their voices are getting ever louder.

Part of that is due to the money pouring into their campaigns from industries that think protecting trout streams and waterfowl breeding grounds will hurt their stockholders. It’s part of $4 billion flooding what is turning out to be the most expensive congressional election, ever.

And what many of the politicians getting fat with those payments are saying to anyone who will listen is that people who favor restoring wetlands protections stripped by the Supreme Court almost 10years ago are liberal environmental extremists; just a handful of crazy greenies out to destroy America’s economy – the type of people good folks like hunters and anglers wouldn’t want to associated with.

But the truth is different. The truth is it’s the hook-and-bullet, catch-and-kill crowd who make up membership in almost every major hunting and fishing group that supports restoring the Clean Water Act to the way it worked so well for 40 years – a period when the nation’s economy was quite well, thank you.

And we’re not alone. More than 700,000 of our fellow Americans have written to the federal government supporting the proposed guidance that will help restore some of the protection fish and wildlife – and the future of hunting and fishing in public lands – has lost.

Sportsmen who haven’t joined that chorus have a responsibility to do so now. The comment period is open until Nov. 14. It won’t take more than one minute of your time.

Go here and let congress know where you stand – with fish and wildlife, hunting and fishing.