As most of us are aware, President Obama has long been distressed about the state of our immigration non-policy, and about the inability/unwillingness of Congress to do anything about it. So, according to The New York Times, during this past year he summoned a team of his wisest legal advisers to determine whether he was President or Emperor, and these scholars found that the answer was the latter—he was equal in power to Caesar Augustus, Charlemagne, or King Henry VIII.

And so Obama has issued a series of royal decrees that will screw up the country further, but this is not the point. The point is, he has gotten away with it. Congress, whether the present wretched version or the coming Republican-controlled fiasco, will not be able to do a thing about it. This is not because Obama is in the right, but because Congress is as effective as the New York Jets or the Secret Service.

So, what I think we are going to see is more Presidential edicts, and one of them, I’m sure, is going to concern gun ownership. It will come right on the heels of our next school shooting or other firearms-related horror show. And we will be stuck with it.

If you were taking comfort that the next Congress was as unlikely to pass a new gun law as the glaciers are to start moving southward, don’t bother. That’s not where the squeeze is going to come from. Remember that Bubba Clinton put something like a third of all FFL holders out of business simply by directing the BATF to put the screws to them, and no one had declared Bubba a Royal Personage.

Be of bad cheer. You have reason.