There’s no shortage of creative products being presented this week at SHOT Show, but I was particularly impressed with this one—The Right Now Range, a pop-up, heavy-duty cardboard kit that will help ensure you have a fun, easy day of shooting with kids or friends. Rather than fumbling with thumbtacks and props, you can set up The Right Now Range quickly and easily. In fact, Neely Burks, the woman who created the product, showed us exactly how it’s done in less than three minutes. Directions are printed on the product itself and stakes are provided to secure the frame to the ground.

There are three shelves for 3-D targets and five colorful bullseye graphics. Rest clays in the customized perforations, which are supported by two flaps, and hang cans with the included hooks. Burks assures me that this patent-pending design will endure three to five afternoons of shooting, and she has plans to introduce compatible stickers to cover bullet holes and extend the life of targets. I’d love to see her come out with a similar archery target, but right now the material is not durable enough for use with a bow and arrows.

Despite needing to rebrand her product on the day of the show—you’ll see The Ready Range logo on her banner and t-shirt in the video—Burks has up to date with all product information and she’s prepared to take orders. The Right Now Range (MSRP $29.99) is also being sold in 20 Tractor Supply Company stores.