Today’s gunfight features one rifle chambered for a necked-down .308, and the other for a necked-up .30/06. So, it’s 7mm-08 vs. .35 Whelen today. Generally speaking, when you neck down you get flatter shooting rounds; when you neck up you get bigger holes and that’s the case with these two. Both were, incidentally “legitimized” by Remington—the 7mm-08 in 1980, and the .35 Whelen in 1988.

Devil Dog’s .35 Whelan


This Remington 700 CDL in .35 Whelen was the first rifle my wife bought for me. I had the fore end opened up and the action glass bedded, plus switched out the trigger for Rifle Basix trigger. For a long time it wore a 2.5-8x Leupold, but I recently upgraded to a Zeiss Victory. This is my go-to rifle and has gone from coast to coast, up to Canada, and to South Africa and Namibia.

Doufir’s 7mm-08


This is my Winchester Model 70 Featherweight, chambered for 7mm-08.It’s rigged up with a Leupold VXIII 2.5-8×36 and Talley lightweight rings. I bought it two years ago and have since taken a whitetail buck and a cow elk with it. It’s light, and I think it’s a nice looking rifle, with very good workmanship. Its accuracy has been excellent, but it’s quite picky. Just as an example: Remington Core Lokt 140’s group at about 3 inches at 100 yards, while Federal Premium’s 140-grain Nosler Ballistic Tip offering shoots under an inch. I’m absolutely smitten with the 7mm-08 cartridge which offers very light recoil, good trajectory and plenty of power for almost anything. I’m pretty smitten with the rifle, too, though it has one big flaw: The safety is loud and can only be operated silently by using two fingers. That’s not a big deal out on the plains, perhaps, but a legitimate annoyance in the thick woods where I do most of my hunting.

Did anyone besides me catch “the first rifle my wife bought for me,” which suggests there have been others? DD is, evidently, a lucky devil dog. Anyway, here are your choices: flat shooter vs. thumper. Vote and comment below. If any of you out there are thinking, “What, another Model 70 vs Model 700?” Perhaps that’s because I’m running a low on gun pictures. I’ll take anything, although I do have special need for a turkey gun right now, as I’ve got a nice one waiting for an opponent, and some more shotguns in general would be good. Send them to Gun Fight Friday can only be as good as the guns you send me.

Which gun do you like more?

Devil Dog’s .35 Whelan

Doufir’s 7mm-08

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