It’s another brush fight this week, pitting America’s rifle, the Model 94, against a more modern, highly utilitarian gun that’s something of a classic in its own right, the Remington 7400. The 94 is chambered for the timeless (or outdated, depending on your point of view) .30-30 Winchester, of course. It’s an Angle Eject model, meaning it was made sometime in the ’80s or ’90s when Winchester tinkered with the design to make the 94 more scope-friendly by deflecting empties off to the side. The Remington is a bare-bones carbine chambered for the highly useful and ubiquitous .30/06.

Jhjimbo’s Remington


This is my Remington 7400 semiauto carbine in .30/06 with a Redfield 3×9 scope. It has an 18 ½-inch barrel that is extremely handy in close quarters, yet it still shoots 1 ½-inch groups with my reloads. When I know I am going to hunt in the thick stuff, this is my go-to rifle. Sometimes after carrying a full-length gun in the morning, I might pick this lighter one for the afternoon hunt. Compact, lightweight, accurate, reliable and powerful, this rifle has it all. The scope can easily be removed if necessary, and I can use the Hi-Viz open sights. Since it’s easy to operate, this is also the rifle I loan to other hunters in our party if they have gun trouble.

Milldawg’s Winchester


This is my Winchester model 94 AE. It’s the nicest gun I own. It sat in a closet for more than 20 years and had never seen the woods until I owned it. I bought it last year for my grandsons to use when they get old enough to hunt but meanwhile, Paw Paw will break it in for them. I thought about changing some things on the gun, but you don’t mess with an American Classic.

Special props to Milldawg for his creative use of antlers as a rifle rack. You can’t go wrong with either of these rifles in the brush so pick your favorite, vote, and comment below—and keep the gun pictures coming to

Which brush gun do you like more?

Jhjimbo’s Remington

Milldawg’s Winchester

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