Two whitetail handguns that are well-known and proven deer-getters.. Reader Submitted
Two whitetail handguns that are well-known and proven deer-getters. Reader Submitted

Today’s gunfight pits two whitetail handguns against each other. Both are well-known and proven deer-getters. Ruger’s Super Redhawk is a double-action revolver introduced in 1979. It’s a 3-pound-plus chunk of steel that’s overbuilt to withstand the most powerful magnum loads. The Thompson/Center Contender dates to 1967. The versatile single-shot action accepts rounds from .22 rimfire on up to .45-70, and even .410 shotgun shells, in barrel lengths ranging from “normal” to “really long.” Today’s gun comes from the “really long” category. The original Contender was replaced by the G2 Contender in 1998.

Rocky Squirrel’s Super Redhawk

“I can’t bring myself to get rid of the Redhawk, as it’s uncommonly accurate.” Reader Submitted

This used Super Redhawk, with a 7-inch barrel, was in great shape when I bought it, and I added new Hogue grips to it so to make the recoil of 180-grain bullets more manageable. It wears a 30mm red dot with the correct Ruger mounts, which are the only mounts I have found that can take the recoil of the .44 magnum. I have tried aftermarket mounts and they failed badly. I bought a Super Blackhawk to replace the Super Redhawk as my whitetail still-hunting gun, but I can’t bring myself to get rid of the Redhawk, as both guns are uncommonly accurate.

Chad’s T/C

“Now I’m looking forward to gun season.” Reader Submitted

This is my Thompson Center Contender chambered in .41 Magnum. I was given this gun by my uncle when I was about 16. My dad and I took it out to the range that week, and I shot the only three bullets I had for it. After that, I put it back in the case and forgot I had it for about 22 years. My dad decided to finally inventory his vault, rediscovered it, and asked me if I still wanted it. So I picked it up, brought it home, and put it in my closet, where I forgot about it again for another two years, until my youngest son rediscovered it while pillaging for tools. When he asked what it was, I opened the case and discovered it was still in pristine condition. So I put a scope on it, and I’m looking for some good bullets to shoot deer and hogs with. It has a “Super 14”-inch barrel, topped with a Leupold FX-II 4-X-32 scope and Leupold rings and base. Now I’m looking forward to gun season.

There you go: revolver vs. single shot, or .44 vs. .41 magnum. Vote and comment below, and keep the gun photos coming to The gunfights have been good lately, and that has nothing to do with me and everything to do with the guns you’re sending in. Keep it up.

Which gun do you prefer?

Rocky Squirrel’s Super Redhawk

Chad’s T/C

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