Today’s Gunfight is a rematch in the Springfield-Enfield wars. One of today’s rifles has been rebarreled to a different caliber, and both have retrofitted synthetic stocks.

We’ll get to the guns in a minute. First, this word: I know you have been wondering what it is you can get me for Christmas this year. Well, you know how at the end of It’s a Wonderful Life all those people send George Bailey money so he can keep the savings and loan open? I want my Christmas to be like that—except with people sending me pictures of guns instead of money so I can keep Gunfight Friday running for another year. The pictures need to be sharply focused horizontals accompanied by a short paragraph about the gun, why you like it, and what you use it for. It would put my mind at ease to know Gunfight Friday is heading into 2015 with a full inventory of pictures to choose for me to choose among.

Okay, now here are the guns:

Seth’s 1903 Springfield


I had wanted a .35 Whelen for many years and finally my wife got me this one as a gift our first Christmas as husband and wife. It’s a 03A1 that has been rebarreled with a 1:12-inch twist. It loves 250-grain Speer Hot-Cors and partitions. It is not drilled and tapped but it shoots plenty tight groups at 100 yards with Redfield aperture sight. I’m debating getting it drilled and tapped because it’s begging to go on an elk hunt and is probably more accurate than I am at 100-plus yards with the Redfield sight. If I ever draw a Utah moose tag, I will carry this rifle.

Josh’s Enfield


This is my Mk. 4 Enfield made in 1949 in the Long Branch Arsenal near Toronto. Like all Enfields, it is chambered for .303 British. Here in Canada, Enfields are widely used because they are affordable and reliable. It kicks like a mule but it always works. I have mounted a scope on mine and modified it with a Fiberforce stock.

There are your choices. Vote, comment below, and please, help keep Gunfight Friday running. Send your pictures to Merry Christmas.