We’ve got magnum rimfires for today’s fight, including the first .17 WSM that I can remember stepping into the Gun Fight Friday ring. Winchester’s new .17 rimfire hits velocities up to 3,000 fps. Its opponent is the heavier, but much older and slower, .22 WMR, a round handicapped even more in the velocity department because today’s .22 WMR is a handgun.

Jim’s T/C Contender


This is a T/C Contender with the old-style non-easy open frame. The octagonal barrel is chambered in .22 magnum. I salvaged the grip from a junk pile and refinished it, then Gunkoted the cougar cap to black for better match. I put a Bushnell TRS 25 on top because I couldn’t find a deal anywhere on a used Leupold 2X or Burris 1X. The gun will be my close range yote rig, or primary fox rig.

Jhjimbo’s Savage


This is the new .17WSM with a 4X16 scope. There are 20 and 25 grain loads available and so far I like the 20gr at 3,000fps better. Winchester says it will take a coyote to 300 yards. I have not tried that yet but it it is devastating on ground hogs. I am still working the rifle in and plan to adjust the trigger to 24 ounces. The rifle is light and easy to carry. Ammo production has caught up with demand and is now readily available at about $19.00 per 50 rounds, making it economical to shoot.

There are your choices: the new .17 WSM in the equally new Savage B Mag, or the old-school Contender in .22WMR. Vote and comment below, and please keep sending in the gun pictures. I am running low again, and would hate – yes hate – to inflict another gun fight like James Bond’s Astin Martin vs the Zombie Survival Vehicle (you can look it up. It was a Gun Fight Friday low point) on you all. But it could happen.

Which gun do you prefer?

Jim’s T/C Contender

Jhjimbo’s Savage

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