Today’s theme is peep sights. We’ve got two brush guns with aperture sights on the receivers, so think of today as a celebration of the sadly under-used peep sight. I know: Red dots do the same job even faster, but the lowly peep costs less, never runs out of batteries, it’s hard to break, it’s lightning quick, and it puts bullets right where you want them. We’ve got two dandy rifles attached to today’s peeps, too, although one occasionally wears a scope.

Daniel M’s Marlin 1895


This is my Marlin 1895 .45/70—pre-Remington version, which has a Lyman peep and a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad, which makes a difference when sending a 420-grain bullet downrange at 1,800 fps or so. It is also much more accurate than many would expect, grouping five of those bullets into under 1 ¼ inches at 100 yards when I had a scope on it. It certainly does the business on game, too.

Doug Fir’s Remington 7600


This is my bad weather/brush gun. I picked up this Remington 7600 used—for $285 because it had a broken stock. The gun was in excellent shape otherwise. I fixed the stock, added a nice, foam recoil pad, a high fiber-optic front sight and a Williams peep. I can shoot it accurately out to 100 yards, which is what I wanted. Target acquisition is very fast, as are follow-up shots. It snaps to your shoulder like a shotgun and is an exceptionally comfortable gun to shoot, as well as to carry around. It’s no accident that so many of the best trackers and still-hunters use some variation of this rifle. And, in .30/06, it will handle anything in the woods.

You would think that if I am able to pick a pair of peep-sighted brush rifles to match up against one another I must have an endless store of gun pictures from which to draw upon. You would be so wrong. I always need more gun pictures. Please keep them coming to

Which gun do you like more?

Daniel M’s Marlin 1895

Doug Fir’s Remington 7600

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