Like most of you, I have been reading sister-publication Outdoor Life’s “This Happened to Me” since I was very young. (My favorite begins “I was walking my pet bobcat when . . .”).

A few years ago an older farmer I know was posted next to his pickup truck on a deer drive. He shot a buck, which, although fatally hit, decided to take my friend with it. It got Earlis in its sights and ran straight at him. At the last second Earlis jumped out of the way and the dying deer crashed headlong into the truck, leaving a good-sized dent, then fell in a heap.

It was a good story, and I thought he’d get a kick out of it if it ever appeared in “This Happened to Me,” so I called friends at Outdoor Life. I realized this wasn’t quite as exciting as some of the tales of danger I had read in the section over the years, but I figured it was worth a shot. I assumed they had such a huge backlog that my friend might not live to see it in print even if they did decide to use it.

“Can you get that to us now?!?” my OL friend said, “We’ll run it right away.”

Turns out This Happened to Me* and Gun Fight Friday have the same problem. We need to feed the beast constantly and we are always in need of submissions. They only need nine stories of outdoor peril a year. I need 104 guns annually to keep this going. Many of you have been very generous with photos from your collections. You have even ramped up your photo quality lately, which I really appreciate.

I need gun pictures. It’s time for another pledge drive. Send me your gun pictures. The guns should be in silhouette, horizontal and sharply focused, although I can’t afford to be too choosy. A few lines about the gun and that’s it.

We are coming up on Gun Fight Friday’s third birthday. I hope it can continue. I know you like it. I do, because I have learned a great deal reading the comments you have all posted over the past three years. So, please keep the gun pictures coming to Gun Fight Friday depends on you.

*They keep a file of failed submissions labeled “Nothing Happened.” Samples include: “I slipped and almost fell out of my treestand” and “I was fishing and I saw a strange turtle I had never seen before. I ran away.”