Today’s gunfight pits a pair of Rugers, both .22lr squirrel guns, against each another. One is a long gun, the other a handgun.

Dewman’s Mark III


This is my Mark III hunter with a 7-inch fluted bull barrel. I bought it because of the beautiful deep-figured grips, which I replaced pretty quickly. I added a Bushnell TR-25 and the sanded base flush to the receiver. Squirrel hunting with this is a whole nother level of fun. When my wife or daughters shoot with me, this is the pistol they always want to use. There are a million modifications you could do to it, but I’m leaving this pretty much as is.

Avolikas243’s 10/22


Not long ago, I bought this 1967 factory 10/22 Deluxe Sporter with a factory-checkered walnut stock. It had a peep sight, but my eyes are too far gone, so I added a Redfield scope. As the picture shows, the scope works fine. It also wears an old leather Bucheimer sling.

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Which gun do you favor?

Dewman’s Mark III

Avolikas243’s 10/22

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