We’ve had a few Savage 99s on Gunfight Friday, but this latest is, I think, the nicest one we’ve featured so far. From its pretty walnut stock to a sleek, low-mounted, old-school scope, this is one cool 99. I couldn’t put up just any rifle against this one, so I combed back through the archives and found what I hope was a good opponent, a beautiful DIY restoration project gun.

Bwanadon’s Savage 99


Here’s my Savage 99 Featherweight in .308. That is factory original wood with a figured butt and forend. It has a Brownell’s Quickset sling and a Scopechief 4X scope on a Redfield base that has a built-in fold-down peep at the back end. Those early Scopechiefs were made by Kowa and are excellent vintage scopes. The 99 stocks fit me so well that even with their steel butt plates they are easy shooters. Its recoil feels the same to me as my 30-30 Winchester saddle ring carbine. Who needs a recoil pad?

Andrew’s Guild Rifle


This 8×57 rifle was in shambles when I bought it: zero bluing, multiple cracks, missing parts, and a very worn finish. It’s what many people call a “Guild Rifle,” a military Mauser-based sporting rifle produced in Germany. I spent a lot of time re-bluing and refinishing the wood to bring this beautiful example back to life. The stock is European walnut with a Schnabel forend and a Bavarian-type cheek piece. It has a cartridge trap in the heel and side plates on the stock as well as two-bladed iron sights, a double set trigger, a butter knife bolt handle, a Mauser brand butt plate, and a checkered steel grip cap. I also added a side-swing safety.

This one is kind of an apples-to-oranges matchup, but both of these rifles are beauties. Vote and comment below, and keep the pictures coming to

Which rifle do you like more?

Bwanadon’s Savage 99

Andrew’s Guild Rifle

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