It’s a classic beauty-and-the-beast matchup today between a pair of bolt-action rifles: Beauty is a high-grade, wood-stocked Model 70 in .308. Beast is an all-synthetic, home-built Remington 700 in the very scary .300 Jarrett. The .308 needs no introduction. The .300 Jarrett, developed by Kenny Jarrett of custom beanfield rifle fame, achieves velocities of 3,400 fps or so with 165-grain bullets, leaving most other .30 calibers in its dust.

Keith’s Model 70


My drop-dead-gorgeous wife gave me this Winchester Model 70 Super Grade for our tenth anniversary. It’s chambered in .308 Win—one of my favorite calibers. I have mounted a Leupold VX3 4.5-14×40 with B&C reticle in Talley one-piece alloy mounts. Only thing left to do now is head to the range, I am sure I will get excellent accuracy, as the trigger out of the box on this particular gun is pretty sweet.

Tyler’s Model 700


This is my Remington 700 chambered in .300 Jarrett. It has a 1/10 Shilen select match barrel, a McMillan hunter stock, other metal parts all by Badger Ordnance, and a Pachmayr Decelerator recoil pad. The optic is a Nightforce 3-15x50mm with the mil-r reticle. I built it piece by piece in my garage, as my Marine Corps salary permitted. It has accounted for two coyotes, a bobcat, an elk, three mule deer, and two whitetail does and has absolutely flattened everything I’ve ever shot with it.

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Keith’s Model 70

Tyler’s Model 700

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