Thus far, the 21st century has been a disappointment. Okay, so we all carry personal computers around in our pockets, which is cool. But what about jet packs? How about Jetsons-style flying cars? And, based on what they told us back in the ’60s, I am pretty sure that we were supposed to be hunting birds with lasers by now. So where’s mine?

Well, now someone has invented a laser shotgun—sort of. This one isn’t ready to hunt with yet, and seeing it in action makes me realize that laser shotguns would set the grouse woods on fire in a minute. So, perhaps we’re better off sticking with powder and shot.

The laser gun in this video isn’t exactly a shotgun. It consists of eight five-watt lasers aimed parallel to one another. With the lens “choke” device, you can tighten the spread to focus all the beams on one spot, or leave them alone for a little bit of pattern spread. At close range, it’s deadly to balloons; Ping-Pong balls; and other meltable, poppable, or inflammable objects.

This video raises more questions than I—with my limited (well, non-existent) knowledge of laserology—can answer. Well, maybe I can answer one: Is there anything you can’t do with an AR lower? No, you can do anything with it, including building your own laser shotgun.