Long ago I sold Jim Carmichel a very good .22/250 that my chronograph said was shooting 50-grain bullets at over 3,900 fps. This is very, very fast for that cartridge, and I asked him to check it over his chronograph which, as I recall, had been tested against one of the fancy ones at one of the big ammo makers. He did, and said that was exactly what he was getting as well, so I knew mine was accurate.

After we ran the MagnetoSpeed post, someone asked if it was accurate, so I shot a load over it that I had measured over my old, proven one, and got the same reading to the foot per second. I don’t think I’ve ever seen an inaccurate modern chronograph (I’ve seen some that malfunctioned at times, but that was usually because they were set up improperly). They are so dead simple that it’s almost impossible for them to tell fibs. For the same reason, I’ve never seen a quartz watch that didn’t tell perfect time, even the cheap ones, and they work much the same.

Whilst at the range last week, as I was setting up, I was joined by a gentleman who had a conventional chronograph along, so I decided to time how long it took him to set up. He did it painstakingly, and it took him 5 minutes and 45 seconds. I then timed myself setting up the MagnetoSpeed, and it was 45 seconds.


Once in a while I watch “Doomsday Preppers” because no one takes off their clothes and has a nervous breakdown, and you see some interesting stuff. Mainly I think the preppers’ ideas about the coming apocalypse are pretty far fetched, but maybe not. It came to light recently that in 2012 we narrowly missed a direct hit by a coronal mass ejection, which sounds like something you could get arrested for, more commonly known as a solar flare.

If it had hit directly, said NASA, it would have fried just about every transistor everywhere, caused $2 trillion worth of damage, and basically put us back in the 19th century. The greatest hazard posed by such an event would not be the crippling of all transportation, radio, television, financial markets, etc., but the amok hordes of Millennials, Gen-Xers and Gen-Yers who would suddenly be unable to stay in touch with their nitwit friends on a 24/7 basis. You thought zombies were bad? Wait till you see this bunch when deprived of their hand-held devices. Get another AR and some magazines; you’re going to need them.

And then there is water, current and future lack of. The West and Southwest are on their way to becoming uninhabitable due to a sustained drought and abnormally high—and rising—temperatures. The people who live there are eventually going to move where they do have water, and the citizens who live by the lakes and rivers are not going to be happy about it. If you think that the present immigration fiasco is a nightmare, wait until the entire population of California demands residence in Michigan, or Maine. As I said, get another AR and some magazines; you’re going to need them.