Bushnell has married the use of their range finders and LRHS (Long Range Hunting System) rifle scopes to make calculating holdover for long-range shots a whole lot simpler. It offers a handheld range finder and Fusion range-finding binocular with digital readouts for hunters to make long-range shots from information they see right in the viewfinder. In the menu feature of the range finder users need to switch the unit to rifle mode and enter a letter code for their ballistic coefficient, which Bushnell information helps determine. Users choose to have the unit display the Mil adjustment that corresponds directly to an LRHS scope. The range finder calculates the degree of angle and distance to produce a turret adjustment number for a dead-on hold. It’s as simple as ranging an object, reading the information displayed and then using that data to quickly adjust the turret on your scope. The range finder can also be used on its own and set to provide a reading for hold over or under on an object. Of course, it’s still up to you to read the wind and make the shot.