Swarovski has long been known for its multi-coated optics to provide crisp, clear images in a variety of formats. It is reaching out to the long-range shooting enthusiasts with a new spotting scope that features an illuminated reticle in either MOA or MRAD graduations. The reticle gets larger or smaller with changes to magnification and can be used to accurately estimate range. The reticle provides information for ¼ MOA or 0.10th MRAD increments for long-range shooters to make immediate adjustments on their scope turrets for hold-on accuracy. The reticle can be turned off to use the scope simply for spotting, or the reticle can be adjusted for brightness at a variety of levels for day or nighttime use.It will fit the Swarovski Optik 20X60 or 25X50 wide-angle eyepiece and is powered by a CR123 battery.