Filson could just sit back and pump out Cruiser jackets to sell to devotees of lumberjack-chic—and laugh all the way to the bank, too—but with their new Women’s Lightweight Field Coat, the 118-year-old company has given some serious thought to utility for wingshooters. The jacket has a lined game pouch that’s accessible from the front or back and is designed to be easy to wash out after the hunt.

The jacket’s soy-waxed-cotton outer fabric repels water, but the collar is lined in soft moleskin for comfort. It has pockets on both shoulders for shooting pads and bellows pockets for plenty of shell storage. The upper back was designed for ease of movement and won’t restrict you when mounting your gun. I really liked the two sets of handwarmer pockets—one where you’d expect, and one a bit higher on the torso, where you can rest your hand and still balance a break-action shotgun in the crook of your arm. If you can handle the $480 price tag, you can be confident that you’re getting a versatile layering piece, which is made at Filson’s Seattle factory and will hold up to hard use.