Piles of dead doves never look very good in pictures. And my pile this morning was small, anyway, so I’m going with this picture I took of an ejected hull that landed in a sunflower head this morning. I’m calling it my postcard from the dove field.

My hunt was hot (temperature-wise) and slow, but a lot of fun. I’ve learned the hard way that getting to a public dove field an hour before everyone else does works right up until five minutes before shooting time, when you get surrounded. Now, I show up late, after people finish and leave, because I don’t mind if it’s not a shoot-em-up. I just don’t care as much about shooting a limit anymore; my household is down to just two mouths to feed. Besides, the good dove hunting is still a week or so in the future, when farmers start cutting corn.

I had a few chances this morning, made some good shots, and missed a couple of easy ones. It was fun to be out, and it’s hunting season again.

I hope everyone here had a good opener.

Did I mention that it’s hunting season again?