The gun writing fraternity lost one of its Good Guys last week when Chub Eastman took his leave of earth at the age of 73. He was the real deal, a Montanan who killed his first deer at the age of 12 and had been the Rifles Editor of Sports Afield magazine since its re-direction as an all-hunting magazine in 2003.

Chub’s credentials were almost endless. He served in the Marine Corps, shot on the Marine rifle team, and attended sniper school. He was at one time one of the top-ranked trap shooters in the United States. He worked for Winchester, Nosler, and Leupold, was a hunter of worldwide experience, and knew his stuff from firsthand experience.

Last week, just before he passed away, he found that I was working with the new 26 Nosler cartridge, and since he was too, he sent me all his data in case I might find it useful. In his final years his health failed, and the last time I saw him he looked dreadful. But he did what he wanted to do and what he had to do and never complained, not a word.

To say that he was a committed hunter is an understatement. A few years ago, just before he was about to go to Africa, he was taken to the hospital for an extreme back surgery that would have left an ordinary person confined to bed and pumping away at the morphine drip for all he was worth. Not Chub. This was Africa! He was taken from the hospital to the boarding ramp in a wheelchair and made the safari.

People smiled when Chub showed up, but no more. May he rest in peace.