Sadly, for the past months, television screens have been filled full-time with recordings of police-involved shootings. Invariably, these are described as “tough to watch,” “gut-wrenching,” or something similar, and we are treated to replays of the incident in excruciating detail.

However, on May 4 in Garland, Texas, a Garland traffic officer who was working a freelance security job and was armed only with a Glock .45, shot and killed two terrorists who were wearing body armor and were carrying what appear to be AK-74s. The officer, who has not been named, was “hopelessly outgunned” but in a matter of seconds got them both.

What baffles me is, where is the video footage? The shooting took place at a “Draw the Prophet” contest which was already controversial, and undoubtedly there were camera crews around, and people with cell phones, but no footage did we see. Why is this?

There’s a rumor that the officer involved was a graduate of the Gunsite Academy, where people are actually taught to shoot (as opposed to the usual police instruction, where they are not). This would explain a great deal. But I’ve been unable to find any positive information on the Gunsite connection. Why is this?

The Garland shooting is living proof of the claim that a person with a handgun, who knows how to use it, and who happens to be in the right place at the right time, can stop any amount of mischief in its tracks. The fact that it was a police officer who was involved is incidental. It was a man who was competent with a gun. I’ve heard nothing on this angle. Why is this?

Obviously, the police officer can’t be named or he will become a target for reprisals. I can see that. But the rest is silence. Why is this?

As the Waco Kid, who was no mean hand with a Peacemaker himself, said: “…we’re very puzzled.”