Today’s gun fight comes to you directly from the floor of SHOT 2015 and features a pair of very strange tactical shotguns pitted against one another.

In one corner we have the AR -styled UTX 12, a gas semiautomatic from UTAS, maker of the UTAS 15 I shot at range day. It loads from box magazines holding two, five seven or ten rounds.


Standard Manufacturing DP 12

The second gun is the supremely weird DP 12 from Standard Manufacturing, which I can neither confirm nor deny is a spinoff of Connecticut Shotgun Manufacturing Company. The DP 12 is actually two pumps put together side by side and controlled by a single trigger.

You pump once, shoot twice, and repeat until both seven-round magazines are empty.

Those are your choices. Vote and comment below. We’ll get back to regular guns next week, especially if you send more gun pictures to