Yes, I know that your shooting budget has recently been allocated to body armor, ammo, high-capacity magazines, additional Powerful Assault Rifles, and better locks for your door for when the cops arrive to kick it down and take it all away, including you.

But Christmas is coming, and here is something that you really want to find under your tree.

For a year and some, Nightforce has been making a state of the art spotting scope called the TS-82. Like everything else with the Nightforce name on it, this instrument is tough, optically at the top of the heap, possessed of the best ergonomics in the business and, sad to say, a price that runs to $2,700 in the real world.

If you’d like those same sterling qualities, you will be orgasmic to learn that Nightforce has announced the TS-80, a smaller, lighter, and considerably less expensive scope that, as far as I can tell is about as good optically as the TS-82. I’ve looked and looked and looked, and I can see no difference between them.

The real differences are these: The TS-80 comes with an angled eyepiece, which I’m not crazy about, but can live with, and a price tag, real world, of $1,600, or just a tad under. And the scope is about as good as anyone could want. Set at 40X (it goes from 20X to 60X) I can easily see .30-caliber bullet holes at 600 yards, even with what’s left of my eyes.

Hopefully, you will see one under your tree on Christmas Day. Drop hints. Throw fits. Whine. Plead. Grovel. Threaten to leave home. Whatever it takes.