What’s the most common reaction from an angler that just got broken off by a big bass? If you said “tantrum,” you are correct. Thing is, I always tell people if you don’t flip out, you might be able to hook the fish again on the next cast. The video below illustrates the point perfectly. When this guy breaks off, he doesn’t go nuts and make a ruckus. He simply puts the rod down, slowly picks up another, and gently pitches back in there. Here’s why I believe he connected successfully on attempt number 2, and why a break-off doesn’t instantly mean that fish is shut down.

There’s a lot that can transpire in those split seconds surrounding a break-off, and the collection of all these little factors will determine a bass’s temperament immediately after. Did it become wise to the hook pressure? Did it see you? Did you make a lot of noise afterwards and spook the bass? The best time to answer these questions, however, is after you cast back to the fish for another shot. If you don’t do that first, it’s a guarantee you won’t get your revenge. In this guy’s case, I suspect the bass never had ample time to feel the pressure of being hooked, and because he acted calmly, he was able to score that second eat. It doesn’t always work, of course, but keep it in mind before you curse at the sky and throw your rod in the lake the instant your line pops.