I wish I could post the actual video I’m setting up within this blog, but I cannot because of foul language. Still, I encourage you to click here or on the still photo below and watch it. In short, two fishermen on the Detroit River film an angler on another boat catch a muskie, and then bludgeon it to death before tossing it back in the water. The two fellas with the camera were out muskie fishing, so needless to say, they were none too happy. Not only did they stop fishing to collect the dead ‘ski, they drove right over and got all up in the guy’s face about it. The reaction of the bludgeoner is pretty ignorant (he actually brags about it), and according to the two whistle blowers, this fish is also too short to legally kill. The exchange aside, this video proves an excellent point. If you’re going to be a jacka** on the water, it’s important to remember that everybody has a means of recording video these days, and they’re not afraid to share it.