Here’s a feel-good revenge piece out of the Sunshine State. After each trip, charter guide C.A. Richardson (who I fished with years ago…good guy) would wash the salt off his tackle and let it dry in his fenced back yard. Over the course of 5 weeks, he estimates that about $5,000 worth of tackle grew legs in the middle of the night. So he hung up a trail cam. It didn’t take long for him to capture photos of the trophy-class moron that was nicking his stuff. After he got the shots, he posted them on FaceBook, and learned the name of the 15-year-old culprit in no time. The police are now on it. I give C.A. credit for handling it like a gentleman. Some people I know would have gotten the name and paid the kid a visit to see if he liked baseball equipment as much as fishing tackle.