You know those online search tools that give you a list of retailers selling something you want to buy, including all of their prices for said item? Ever notice that there is inevitably one site selling whatever it is that you want for well below the average price of the rest? It happens most often when shopping for electronics, and as with most things, if it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Apparently, it’s happening in the tackle world, too. The kid in this video bought a few spools of Seaguar fluorocarbon—one of the most trusted fluoro brands—for $8.50 a pop from a shady website called Ali Express. If you’ve ever bought fluoro, you know a spool of the good stuff costs $20 or more. How did he figure out he bought fakes? All it takes is a lighter. Good trick to remember, and a good lesson about cheap tackle online. Per Seaguar’s Facebook page, they’re aware of the issue, and trying to thwart it.