How ironic is this? Yesterday I posted a story about how Utah DWR is suggesting more people start taking fish home so is not to overpopulate certain bodies of water and stunt fish growth. This kind of thinking makes sense in closed freshwater systems, but you might not think a similar need would occur in vast salt waters. That’s not quite the case. Since the 1990s, goliath grouper fishing has been heavily regulated in Florida. If I’m not mistaken, at first you couldn’t target them at all, and then the rule changed to being able to target them, but not boat them. At no point, including today, could you kill one. No doubt these brutes were fished to the brink of extinction and needed heavy regs for a while, but their come-back success story has some captains asking if they can start sticking gaffs in a few of them, please. This video from ABC News will explain why. WZVN News for Fort Myers, Cape Coral