These days we’ve got fishfinders in our cell phones and smart bobbers that tell us when we get bit. I’ve always joked that it’s all leading up to robotic lures that operate via wifi from a control on our wrist. No line. No rod. Just drop it in and steer it under that log. You’ll see the bass eat on the screen. Well, my friends, the Animated Lure isn’t quite that, but it’s a huge step in the right direction. It’s kind of like that eerie scene in “Terminator 2” when you see the robotic arm at the lab, and know its study will lead to the eventual undoing of mankind.

Best I can tell, the bobber houses the transmitter, which connects to the lure via a thin wire. The lure is programmed to swim like a dying baitfish, and I’d be a liar if I didn’t say it looks so real it’s spooky. You can see a better action shot of it by clicking here. Per the creators, it takes 15 minutes to charge by USB, and swims for 3 hours. Now, I certainly have unanswered questions, like how does it stop itself from twisting the wire, and what pound test is that wire? Can I drop this in front of a 40-pound striper? Interestingly, while you might think such a gadget would cost hundreds, you can pre-order one for a mere $25. Go ahead and get you one, but don’t blame me when 10 years from now they become self aware and fish out every body of water on their own.